Welcome to “The Untamed Places”

The world is full of untamed places. Places off the beaten path. Places unknown to most. They’re unfamiliar, uncommon, uncontrolled, and sometimes a little wild.

By no means are we expert travelers. There’s so much of this big old world we haven’t seen and probably never will get to see firsthand. However, we have seen our fair share of just a few of this world’s untamed places, and those places are precisely the one’s we attempt to capture—Laura through her lens Eric through his keystrokes—here on this blog. Sometimes the view is appealing. Other times, it’s appalling. Sometimes Laura will show it to you in a picture. Other times, Eric will describe it to you in words. Regardless, it’s a scene coming directly from the world we all share, a scene we’d like to share with you.

We invite you to join us. And if you’ve captured your own untamed scenes—in pictures, words, videos or otherwise, we’d love to experience them along with you, so send them our way. Visit our “Contact” page or leave us a comment below.

Happy viewing and reading.

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