Our Fingers Didn’t Freeze and Break Into Little Pieces

This past weekend temperatures plunged to -15 degrees F (-25 degrees C). We turned our gas furnace up. Then we turned it up again. We got dressed and put our bathrobes back on. Our friends asked if we could reschedule the get-together we had planned for Sunday because of how cold it was and because … Continue reading Our Fingers Didn’t Freeze and Break Into Little Pieces

Just Across the Table

He wasn't sitting more than two feet away from me. The seats at the coffee shop were comfortable. My latte was within arm's reach. And all I could think was that the intelligent, likable, well-educated young man across the table from me was hurtling full speed toward the edge of a cliff with a blindfold … Continue reading Just Across the Table

Five Posts from Around the Web

Here are some articles and posts from around the web that have been especially insightful, encouraging, and challenging to me lately. I hope you enjoy them. Rachel Jones recounts a story from her life in Djibouti about the time a baby named God came to stay at her house. As she does, she reflects on … Continue reading Five Posts from Around the Web

We Still Haven’t Lost Our Faith

Laura sat down at Magonlia's table in her one-room home. She pulled a pregnancy test out of her backpack and told Magnolia that if she wanted, she could take the test right now. Magnolia accepted and headed for the outhouse. The woman's three-year-old daughter was enjoying a persimmon that Laura had given her, and her … Continue reading We Still Haven’t Lost Our Faith

Those Last Few Footsteps

Our front gate sounded like it was going to collapse beneath the pounding. The dogs howled. My blood pressure spiked. Now, who could that be? I grabbed the key to the gate, slid on some shoes, and ran down our front steps. The visitor persisted in pounding. "I'm coming," I yelled. I unlocked the door … Continue reading Those Last Few Footsteps