Just Across the Table

He wasn't sitting more than two feet away from me. The seats at the coffee shop were comfortable. My latte was within arm's reach. And all I could think was that the intelligent, likable, well-educated young man across the table from me was hurtling full speed toward the edge of a cliff with a blindfold... Continue Reading →

Five Posts from Around the Web

Here are some articles and posts from around the web that have been especially insightful, encouraging, and challenging to me lately. I hope you enjoy them. Rachel Jones recounts a story from her life in Djibouti about the time a baby named God came to stay at her house. As she does, she reflects on... Continue Reading →

We Still Haven’t Lost Our Faith

Laura sat down at Magonlia's table in her one-room home. She pulled a pregnancy test out of her backpack and told Magnolia that if she wanted, she could take the test right now. Magnolia accepted and headed for the outhouse. The woman's three-year-old daughter was enjoying a persimmon that Laura had given her, and her... Continue Reading →

Those Last Few Footsteps

Our front gate sounded like it was going to collapse beneath the pounding. The dogs howled. My blood pressure spiked. Now, who could that be? I grabbed the key to the gate, slid on some shoes, and ran down our front steps. The visitor persisted in pounding. "I'm coming," I yelled. I unlocked the door... Continue Reading →

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