Special Announcement: Poems are Stories, Too

Poems can be stories, too. It didn’t dawn on me until recently, but in one of those rare moments of clarity, I just saw it. I’ve written poems for years, and—duh—some of them have been just as narrative as can be. And so, we though we’d share some with you. Some are appealing. Others dabble in the appalling. But regardless, there’s hope, even if but a sliver, for those who have eyes to see. May you see that this whole hope-amid-the-darkness thing is not some psychosis. It’s as real as love or electrons, even though we can’t see those things either.

So if you weren’t so keen on poetry in high school (I wasn’t), just forget you’re reading a poem and think of it as a stylized stories that just so happens to keep beat and sometimes rhyme. And most of all, enjoy.

Look for our first poem to be published on the blog this Friday. And while I won’t spoil anything, this first one just might be about cute little puppies. Something to look forward to.

2 thoughts on “Special Announcement: Poems are Stories, Too

    1. Some of the best prose seems like it’s just not content to stick within the boundaries of what we traditionally call prose. And as I heard in a quote by John Piper recently, sometimes prose is not just content to stick within the boundaries of what we traditionally call poetry but instead must burst forth into song. It’s fun to blur the distinctions. Thanks for stopping by the blog and for your comment.

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