He Ain’t Heavy

A medical doctor friend of mine spent a total of four weeks in Bangladesh treating patients in a Rohingya refugee camp. The following is his story, posted here with permission. (Click here for an overview of this refugee crisis.) Late in the day. Last patient. I see a young man with an older man on … Continue reading He Ain’t Heavy

Surviving Air Pollution

I live in a third world country, literally on the other side of the planet from the country in which I was born. But in this ever-shrinking, ever globalized world in which we live, even such extreme distance can't keep the stink of political rhetoric that spews out my country from reaching my nostrils. During … Continue reading Surviving Air Pollution

You Don’t Want This Story to Be True, and Here’s Why

You've heard the tale. In the beginning there was nothing. At some point, for some unknown reason—in fact, for no reason whatsoever—that nothing exploded with unimaginable force. Over the course of billions of years, the debris from that cataclysmic event formed the first subatomic particles, which combined to form the first atoms, which combined to … Continue reading You Don’t Want This Story to Be True, and Here’s Why

What Doesn’t Make It to the Blog

I like to write. I think one of the reasons I like to write is because it helps me think. You'd never know it reading these words right now, but between some of the words I type there exist minutes of empty space. Minutes in which I can simply process what I've just written and … Continue reading What Doesn’t Make It to the Blog

The Shipwright and His Boat

A boat floated just off the pier, severe The sight, did not appear to quite cohere To scenes the pier was most accustomed to. Despite its watertight design, a crew That knew their ropes by day, by night, frostbite, Sun’s scorching light that did not one affright, The boat moved not a mote, did not … Continue reading The Shipwright and His Boat