We’re Eric and Laura. In the past 10 years, we’ve lived in some diverse places, from the Central United States to Spain to the Kyrgyz Republic in Central Asia, where we currently work as an English teacher (Eric) and nurse (Laura). During that time, through Laura’s lens and Eric’s keystrokes, we’ve attempted to capture scenes from the big, beautiful, and broken world around us, both the appealing and the appalling, in pictures and in words. We hope you enjoy these glimpses of some of the world’s untamed places.

Just what counts as an “untamed” place, you ask? They’re raw, natural, and undomesticated. They haven’t been doctored up or edited for content. With no apology, they are what they are. They exist outside the purview of the proper and the refined. They’re uncommon places, places off the beaten path, and at times they’re even a little wild. Sometimes they’re appealing. Other times, they’re appalling. In any event, these are the places in which real people live out their real—and messy—lives in vibrant color. Or sometimes in black and white.

Here you’ll find snippets from some of those places.

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All pictures and text on this site are original to Eric and Laura unless otherwise noted.

(above photo credit: Kelly Burson)