The God of Gate H1

You wake up early and lug your luggage downstairs to wait for your Uber driver. Mild anxiety hangs in the air like the smell of last night's burnt coffee. Will he arrive? Almost to the minute of his scheduled arrival at 6:20, he pulls up in his new white CRV and helps you load your … Continue reading The God of Gate H1

On Wanting to Cry at the Eye Doctor’s

I was going to get to drive Marvin again, and I was more than a little excited. Yes, Laura and I name our cars. Marvin is the gray Toyota Matrix we owned when we lived in Minneapolis that we bequeathed to Laura's mom after getting that wild hair over four years ago to move to … Continue reading On Wanting to Cry at the Eye Doctor’s

Back Home and Back in the Majority

It was our final leg, and we were finally sitting on the plane. Chicago to Minneapolis. OK. We can do this. The last time we had gotten decent sleep—"decent" being defined as eight hours in a horizontal position with our heads on a pillow—was Monday night. In the time zone of our departure, it was Thursday morning.

7 Most Popular Posts of 2018

Happy New Year's Eve from us to you! On this day of both remembering the past year and looking forward to the one to come, here are the seven most popular posts to The Untamed Places in 2018. Enjoy. Number 7 And Then They Killed Lucy April 25, 2018 She was poisoned. That was as clear as … Continue reading 7 Most Popular Posts of 2018