We Still Haven’t Lost Our Faith

Laura sat down at Magonlia's table in her one-room home. She pulled a pregnancy test out of her backpack and told Magnolia that if she wanted, she could take the test right now. Magnolia accepted and headed for the outhouse. The woman's three-year-old daughter was enjoying a persimmon that Laura had given her, and her... Continue Reading →

Those Last Few Footsteps

Our front gate sounded like it was going to collapse beneath the pounding. The dogs howled. My blood pressure spiked. Now, who could that be? I grabbed the key to the gate, slid on some shoes, and ran down our front steps. The visitor persisted in pounding. "I'm coming," I yelled. I unlocked the door... Continue Reading →

Who Cares

My wife smiled as innocently as she could. I searched her eyes to no avail. What was she about to tell me? "I took them the box our water heater came in." "That's fine." As long as it was only that. "They're so cute," she said. "How many?" "Seven." "We're full." We've already adopted two... Continue Reading →

Almost But Not Quite

It's that feeling you have when you're sitting on your couch looking at your Christmas tree and realize that only every other light is working. (After you spent all that time spacing the strands just right.) It's that feeling you have when you get new glasses and a week later scratch the right lens with... Continue Reading →

It Probably Wasn’t That Silent

She writhed in pain just like every other mother who had ever given birth. Despite the chilly air, sweat formed on her brow. And how she screamed. Enough to rend her young husband's heart in two. The animals added to the general chaos. Their cries rose and fell with Mary's. Word had gotten out at... Continue Reading →

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