Into Death Like His

I followed them, the restless, jeering lot, Down dusty, well-worn paths outside our town. Not even clamoring taunts and wails could drown The anguished cries of whip-flailed flesh now shot Clean through with nails. Him? Him whom I had sought For so long, pining for his peace? His crown Did not resemble one due him, … Continue reading Into Death Like His


Bombs burst, exploding, guns unloading,Whole cities, families crack, implodingWhile life and hope corrode. We gropeIn darkness, begging for a ropeWe might cling to. Send us a wingTo lift us, something, anything,Upon which we might sail. We’re frail,And thick and heavy is the veilThat overlies our cries. Our eyesWeep bitterly and agonizeOver the one who’d turn … Continue reading Wait

Places Where Flowers Bloom: Getting Evicted

May 2014 Week Four We pushed open the front door of a one-bedroom apartment in the northern suburbs of the city. Two of our coworkers were gone for the summer, and they'd left us their keys, "just in case." Such a case had come. We needed a new home. Looked like their place was it … Continue reading Places Where Flowers Bloom: Getting Evicted

Five Posts from Around the Web

Here are some articles and posts from around the web that have been especially insightful, encouraging, and challenging to me lately. I hope you enjoy them. Rachel Jones recounts a story from her life in Djibouti about the time a baby named God came to stay at her house. As she does, she reflects on … Continue reading Five Posts from Around the Web

We Still Haven’t Lost Our Faith

Laura sat down at Magonlia's table in her one-room home. She pulled a pregnancy test out of her backpack and told Magnolia that if she wanted, she could take the test right now. Magnolia accepted and headed for the outhouse. The woman's three-year-old daughter was enjoying a persimmon that Laura had given her, and her … Continue reading We Still Haven’t Lost Our Faith