We’re Eric and Laura. We were married ten years ago in Laura’s hometown in Spain. If we’d only known. But ten years in, and we’re still at it. Not about to give up now.

Eric grew up in rural Iowa in the central United States. He’s an English teacher and loves everything words. He is passionate about storytelling as a tool to communicate deep and sometimes difficult truth.

Laura was born and raised in Salamanca, Spain. A nurse by profession, she is currently studying Global eHealth through the University of Edinburgh. She loves to capture the beauty of the mundane world around her with her camera.

After the wedding we settled in Minneapolis, MN, were we found friends to laugh with, community to hold us up, and jobs we loved. But we knew going in our stay in Minneapolis was temporary. Ever since we got married we both wanted to one day move overseas and share some of the blessings we’d been so freely given. So, when we got an invitation to move to Central Asia to do what we love, we jumped. And what a jump it was.

More than four-and-a-half years have passed since our move here. There have been ups and downs, and we have learned much about life and ourselves. Even before our move, we enjoyed capturing scenes from the big, beautiful, and broken world around us—Eric through his keystrokes and Laura through her camera lens. Now we’re thankful for the opportunity to share our experiences with you here.

We hope you enjoy these glimpses of some of the world’s untamed places.

(above photo credit: Kelly Burson)

Contact Us

Question? Comment? Suggestion? Have you captured scenes from an untamed place near you? Please feel free to drop us a line and let us know where we can take a look. We’d love to hear from you.

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