Why You Should Read More Stories

Long past the time when those college history lectures have faded from your memory and all the latest reports of breaking news have blurred together in that vast sea called the inscrutable past, the stories you've heard throughout your life will live on, some as striking as the day you heard them. They're the stories... Continue Reading →

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Learning to Run on Gravel

My dad once told me that when he was little he could run on gravel barefoot. Looking at the small rocks that were our driveway, I was a more than impressed 10-year-old. He might as well have told me he used to be able to walk on hot coals. Of course, it all comes down... Continue Reading →

A Western Woman in an Eastern Land

It is one of those summer evenings. The air is warm, there is a light breeze, and the temperature is just perfect. I am sitting on a concrete slab, probably making all the local grandmas that see me scream inside their heads that I am going to be sterile if keep sitting on cement. I... Continue Reading →

Nine Years and No Children Later

My wife and I have been married for over nine years. In fact, this summer we'll make it ten. Looking back, I thought our lives would follow the pattern I had seen play out in the lives of so many others. You get married. You wait a few years. Then you begin a family. You... Continue Reading →

Just a Little Bit

Her phone chirped, and Laura looked down at the screen. It was 10:00 on a Saturday morning. She didn't answer. Sometime between 1:00 and 2:00, Laura was freed up enough from the chores around the house to answer the missed call. It was Gulya, a young woman who lives in the village with her two-year-old... Continue Reading →

And Then They Killed Lucy

Laura and I put the harnesses and leashes on our two dogs and unlocked the front gate. The sun was bright and the air was warm and the dogs were restless. A walk was a foregone conclusion. But we didn't get far. We hadn't taken more than a few steps out of our gate when... Continue Reading →

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