Why You Should Read More Stories

Long past the time when those college history lectures have faded from your memory and all the latest reports of breaking news have blurred together in that vast sea called the inscrutable past, the stories you've heard throughout your life will live on, some as striking as the day you heard them. They're the stories... Continue Reading →

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Wisdom from the Bathroom

Our bathroom has more scars than it should for a bathroom of its age. That is, it's a lot like the people here. When we moved into our house, there was no indoor toilet or shower. We had an outhouse and a shower head hooked up in what used to be a sauna room sitting... Continue Reading →

We Need a Savior

In what Marvel movie has the earth ever saved itself? When has mankind (I'm speaking as a whole) ever looked within, dug deep, and defeated the monster just in time for the ending credits to roll? I've counted. That's happened exactly zero times. The superheroes save the earth. The deathblow is dealt by someone who... Continue Reading →

High Speed Life

I hoisted our duffle bag up on top of the roller suitcase, took a deep breath, and started off toward the airport terminal. Thankfully we weren't flying, just returning a rental car and then taking the subway to the train station. If be spared that nightmare (the nightmare of flying) for another four days. Together... Continue Reading →

Even the Simplest Story

I sat across the table from one of my English students at a coffee shop. A book called All New Easy True Stories: A Picture-Based Beginning Reader was opened between us. The stories contained in the book are high interest stories taken from real life and retold in simplified English. Illustrations accompany every couple of... Continue Reading →

What’s Holding Up the World

We were driving over a bridge on a highway. Trees painted the broad valley below us in rich shades of green. It was then, looking at the trees, that I realized the reality of what was happening to me, optically speaking. I shouldn't have been able to see the trees. Vertical supports lined the length... Continue Reading →

Moments of Revelation

The sun slid down a crystal sky like a water droplet on a west facing window. With a generosity unknown to mere mortals, it poured out its warm light over the valley as if that was its last chance to do so but with the confidence that tomorrow would dawn anew and that tomorrow its... Continue Reading →

Tire Shopping

I parked my car at a tire shop in the city, got out, and began scanning the faces of all the people milling about, trying to determine who worked there for one (as opposed to who were customers) and out of the workers, who spoke Kyrgyz (as opposed to those who spoke Russian). Another customer... Continue Reading →

Cries for Help

A three-and-a-half-year-old's voice pierced the darkness between the back and front seat. "Is your husband home already?" she asked Laura. The little girl was sitting beside her mom and younger brother in the back. Laura was driving. "Yeah, he just got home," Laura said, heading down our street en route to their house in the... Continue Reading →

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