Why You Should Read More Stories

Long past the time when those college history lectures have faded from your memory and all the latest reports of breaking news have blurred together in that vast sea called the inscrutable past, the stories you've heard throughout your life will live on, some as striking as the day you heard them. They're the stories... Continue Reading →

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Moments of Revelation

The sun slid down a crystal sky like a water droplet on a west facing window. With a generosity unknown to mere mortals, it poured out its warm light over the valley as if that was its last chance to do so but with the confidence that tomorrow would dawn anew and that tomorrow its... Continue Reading →

Tire Shopping

I parked my car at a tire shop in the city, got out, and began scanning the faces of all the people milling about, trying to determine who worked there for one (as opposed to who were customers) and out of the workers, who spoke Kyrgyz (as opposed to those who spoke Russian). Another customer... Continue Reading →

Cries for Help

A three-and-a-half-year-old's voice pierced the darkness between the back and front seat. "Is your husband home already?" she asked Laura. The little girl was sitting beside her mom and younger brother in the back. Laura was driving. "Yeah, he just got home," Laura said, heading down our street en route to their house in the... Continue Reading →

He Thought He Knew

He thought he knew. He didn't. Ten years passed. They weathered tempestuous seas those years, But each strike only strengthened them. The tears Dripped liquid, hardened, formed a solid cast, An anchor sure to hold their hearts, outlast The wildest raging of the sea, though fears Still mock. The fog that concealed truth now clears.... Continue Reading →

Unintended Consequences

I was walking down the street en route to my house. Part way there I saw a sight that, to be honest, isn't that uncommon here. A man was lying on the side of the road, struggling to stand up. I didn't have to get close to know his condition. He was drunker than a... Continue Reading →

What’s Plus or Minus 2,000 Years?

In the spring of 2017 we began to hear rumblings from our neighbors that repairs were coming to Yellow Bucket Street. And came they did. In slow, agonizing stages. First they tore up the road. Then we waited. Then they hauled in and laid long cement blocks that ended up becoming the equivalent of curbs... Continue Reading →

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