Leaves Toward the Sun

I sat at my desk and looked over my computer screen. There sat a couple plants on the window sill, their leafy greens perked and pointed toward the glass like arms stretched wide toward an approaching loved one. It never ceases to amaze me. Plants not only need the sun; they seek him out. They... Continue Reading →

Our Tinted Lenses

With baby formula and fruit in hand, Laura knocked on the woman's door. In a moment, a bright and welcoming face appeared and ushered Laura inside. Her cheerfulness beamed from behind her head covering and ankle-length dress. Laura took off her shoes in the closet-sized entryway/kitchen/pantry. To the right, two electric burners on top of... Continue Reading →

Moving On

I wished with all my heart my friend was lying to my face. I looked him in the eye. He was telling the truth. "Last week I woke up one night with a really bad pain in my stomach. It was about two in the morning. I woke my wife up and asked if she... Continue Reading →

Just Across the Table

He wasn't sitting more than two feet away from me. The seats at the coffee shop were comfortable. My latte was within arm's reach. And all I could think was that the intelligent, likable, well-educated young man across the table from me was hurtling full speed toward the edge of a cliff with a blindfold... Continue Reading →

Five Posts from Around the Web

Here are some articles and posts from around the web that have been especially insightful, encouraging, and challenging to me lately. I hope you enjoy them. Rachel Jones recounts a story from her life in Djibouti about the time a baby named God came to stay at her house. As she does, she reflects on... Continue Reading →

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