They Make Me Rich

A word that flies high over these past four years of my sojourn here in Central Asia is the word loneliness. It's a monster I was not at all prepared to face. The monster came anyway. Turns out he's a hard one to chase away. Every last human being senses a deep-seated need that is … Continue reading They Make Me Rich

On Loving and Leaving and Getting Left Behind

The image of putting down roots is a beautiful one. The mightiest trees didn't appear overnight. Instead, day by day, they slowly sank their fibrous fingers down into the earth, drinking in the very essence of the soil in which they were planted, and converting that essence into a towering trunk, sprawling branches, wind-kissed leaves, … Continue reading On Loving and Leaving and Getting Left Behind

Just Across the Table

He wasn't sitting more than two feet away from me. The seats at the coffee shop were comfortable. My latte was within arm's reach. And all I could think was that the intelligent, likable, well-educated young man across the table from me was hurtling full speed toward the edge of a cliff with a blindfold … Continue reading Just Across the Table