High Speed Life

I hoisted our duffle bag up on top of the roller suitcase, took a deep breath, and started off toward the airport terminal. Thankfully we weren't flying, just returning a rental car and then taking the subway to the train station. If be spared that nightmare (the nightmare of flying) for another four days. Together … Continue reading High Speed Life

What’s Holding Up the World

We were driving over a bridge on a highway. Trees painted the broad valley below us in rich shades of green. It was then, looking at the trees, that I realized the reality of what was happening to me, optically speaking. I shouldn't have been able to see the trees. Vertical supports lined the length … Continue reading What’s Holding Up the World

What I Learned Playing Uno With a 12-Year-Old

I sat across a coffee table from a 12-year-old, staring at my hand of Uno cards. If only I had a blue card or an 8, but it was not meant to be. My cards looked like the Spanish flag, all reds and yellows. I drew. I don't remember the official rules, but we were … Continue reading What I Learned Playing Uno With a 12-Year-Old

Not To Be Outdone: Our Travels in the West

The alarm sounded at an hour no alarm should ever sound. Ever. It was 3:30. In the A.M. It was our last day in Rome, and from Rome we were going to Menorca, Spain, where we'd spend several days just the two of us before beginning the rounds to visit family and friends spread out … Continue reading Not To Be Outdone: Our Travels in the West